In today's economic climate companies maximize core competencies by creating alliances.  This results in business efficiency and profitability for themselves and their alliance partners.  Frog Rock Business Development facilitates industrial business-to-business plans to improve profitability through manufacturing alliances, market development and management process improvements.

Frog Rock helps clients investigate both domestic and international manufacturing options for supplementing their in-house capabilities through manufacturing alliances.  Using our contacts within the chemical industry, we help clients' select small to large volume manufacturers to fit their product needs.

Companies wanting to diversify their markets use
Frog Rock's market development services for assessing geographical regions and market segments for potential growth.  We review cultural and economic business issues with clients while assisting their development of strategic and tactical marketing plans.  We also provide implementation support by finding appropriate distribution channels and assisting with employee training.

Improved internal operations through
Frog Rock and its associated service partners provide assistance to industrial businesses addressing major management process issues.  See our growing partners list to review available services.

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